Welcome to Foxhoven Angus

Welcome to Foxhoven Angus near Crofton, Nebraska. Thank you for considering us as your provider of superior Angus genetics. Our breeding program focuses on performance and fertility ability.  The cattle are deep, stout, long and muscular. Replacement heifers and bulls are selected off of structure, feet, legs and performance at weaning time. We utilize in herd genetics and around 70% of the females are bred to bulls we have raised or purchased. Our cows are very productive and are at the top of the state for Pathfinder awards. We focus on making every animal great!

Upcoming Events

Annual Production Sale
February 24, 2025 - At Foxhoven Angus, Crofton, Nebraska
Featuring Yearling Angus Bulls, Bred Cows & Heifers and Open Yearling Heifers!

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