About the Foxhoven's

Foxhoven Angus of Crofton, NE started our Angus operation in the early 90’s with around 12 heifers and over the years grew to 470 Registered Angus Females. They have not purchased any outside cow families since the start.

Our breeding program focuses on performance and fertility ability.  The cattle are deep, stout, long and muscular. Replacement heifers and bulls are selected off of structure, feet, legs and performance at weaning time.  We utilize in herd genetics and with that around 70% of the females are bred to bulls we have raised or purchased. When the fresh genetics of  the top sons of the new genetics click, we collect and use that in our herd. They breed on natural heats for the first cycle getting high conception rates. Our cows are very productive, they are at the top of the state for Pathfinder awards. Our focus is making every cow great.

The operation is run by family alone, along with great friends during our bull sale. Galen takes care of everyday feeding and farming. Galen and “Brenda”, who recently passed away, live on the original family homestead. He is the third generation on this land.  Brock and Jody, along with their kids (Tuff, Ellie and Maci), live on the calving headquarters. They take care of the calving, breeding and everyday cattle work. Justin and Erin, along with their kids (Ian and Layla), live on the sale place and help out wherever needed. Justin owns a Construction Company in Crofton that builds everything from cabins, homes and sheds.

Brock has served as president of the Nebraska Angus Association. He currently is active on the Knox County Cattlemen’s Board. He stays active in everything cattle related.

We are happy to show you around any time. Please call ahead and we will have cattle off fields or side by sides available for easy viewing. If ever you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

Brock, Galen and Justin Foxhoven

The Foxhoven Family

What They Always Wanted

"We’re letting the cattle talk for us,” Brock says. “I was always taught, ‘Keep your nose down, do the work, and when you do it right, people will find you."
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